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Melanie Lima Ferreira is a management consultant with a track record for management systems (quality, risk and legal risk), compliance and communication areas.

She is also a certified trainer and an investment advisor. 


Her 24 years of professional activity include, 

  | Individual law practice (Office owner) 

  | Portugal’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (EU Division) 

  | Abreu Advogados (Lawyer, ISO 9001 Manager, Corporate Communication Manager)

  | Protect Data Consulting (Risk and Quality Manager)

  | RRP Advogados - EY Law (Office Manager)

  | Engel and Völkers (Consultant)

  | Reward Properties (Sales Manager).


 She has extensive experience in leading very challenging and innovative projects,

 dealing with common and very innovative people and making things happen. 


Melanie has a law degree, several post-graduation courses, an MBA in Legal Practice (Nottingham Law School, 2015) and has been an expert at ISO for “Legal Risk Management” (ISO/ Technical Committee 262 WG5).    

She is currently an expert at Technical Commission 180 (Risk Management) and TC 195 (Security and Resilience) directed by the Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ).


Member of BPCC (British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce), 

IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals),

APQ (Portuguese Association for Quality) and 

IBA (International Bar Association), Melanie has been admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association (1998). 

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